A late night post..

Well, it’s like almost ten o’clock at night. For some reason I am more awake at night. Hmmm…  I want to post a selfie to replace the red haired me. have more or less grown into a medium honey brown which is my natural hair color. Also I want the the glorious white hair that my Nana had, she was so beautiful. 🙂

In Pokemon I got the Eon ticket. If you want it too, go to mnystery gift and choose Gift from code or something like that,, and for Americans/Canadians can get their paws on the Eon ticket by entering this code ‘2015LATIOSLATIAS. and bada bing you have the ticket.

And so, if you guessed that I started again on OR  you are absolutely correct. LOL

Right now, I’m listening  to Paul McCartney, my favorite Beatle. ❤ I have 2 John Lennon sgs on my vita — Beautiful Boy — my favorite song by him. And I have Jealous Guy too. 🙂

I’m going for a mall walk tomorrow so.. I need to hit the sack. 🙂

Windbag out. 😛


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