Goodbye (Little One)

Very heartwarming…

logging entries in my life

Goodbye (Little One)

Little one, How I wish you were here
Where I could take you in my arms
Hold you close, Comfort you
I wish I could hear you cry
And see the sparkle in your eyes
As you looked up at me
I wish I could dry your tears
Just by rocking you gently in my arms
I wish I could sit with you through
The day and hear you coo and sigh
And rush to answer your cries
Yes, I wish this could all be
But you’re gone

Goodbye Little one
Wish you coulda been here
But you couldn’t be
So now you’re gone
And you have nothing to fear
Coz you’re free
So goodbye, Little one

Little one, How I wish you could see
What you meant to me
You were my world of dreams
My alabaster city that gleams
I wish I could watch…

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