I’m sitting here on my bed, thinking of heading off to bed.

I’m getting pretty zonked out. I think I will pack it in soon. I have to switch off the main lighting soon, as my sister is sleeping. I got 99 in bowling today which is good but not that good. I can do better. I know I can. 🙂 I am a pretty positive person. It’s rare but I have times where I would just want to crawl in bed and forget about life for awhile y’know?

So help me god, I’m getting a Mac laptop. I have never owned a Mac b4 so this should be interesting lol If there are any mac users out there, I’d appreciate some positive responses about owning a Mac.

I am getting this in May. 😀


4 thoughts on “I’m sitting here on my bed, thinking of heading off to bed.

    • Good luck with that. I have had my Win7 laptop since 2011 and am comfortable with using it. Maybe when it finally dies and goes to the big computer heaven in the sky I will be brave and buy an Apple mac! Over Christmas I spilled tea on my machine and thought I might need to get a new one as the keyboard stopped working. I was gutted but, in the end it was £60 for a replacement keyboard and it works fine. Thanks for following my blog and I look forward to following yours. Kevin


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