In a vase on Monday

A bit of spring for ya.

Gwirrel's Garden

I may be cheating slightly; the blooms in this post are not from my garden.

The main reason I’m posting them is because it’s Tulip season! These are my first posies of Tulips, the first of many more to come. I’m not a great advocate of Tulips in the garden, but for some reason I love to have them in vases. Perhaps it’s because of the barren winter months, but then I don’t have the same desire for Daffodils or Narcissi in vases…

Anyway, pretty Tulips.

I didn’t realise one bunch was pink; when I bought them they were green and I had now, wrongly assumed they would be white. So instead of white and a light lilac shade, I have pink. It’s no major problem, just I wouldn’t have had them in the same vase together had I known.



Please pop over to Cathy for more Monday…

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