Jonasz Stern, Deportation of Jewish Children, 1940

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(1904-1988) During occupation he found himself in the ghetto in Lvov, where he was involved in conspiracy, for which he was sent to the concentration camp in Bełżec. He managed, however, to flee from the transport and return to the ghetto. In 1943 he miraculously escaped death when a bullet from the firing squad missed him by inches.

The reality is that almost all of the Jews of Europe were killed and there were so very few survivors that had the Nazis had only a couple of more months there would have been almost none.


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Drinking water and Amir

Thank God for both. Drinking water bc a) it’s healthy and b) it helps with my diabetes. 🙂 And good ol’ Amir, he told me that my HD on Erin ( tmy lappy’s name) went kaput and that he was going to fix her up for free bc of my warranty? I am not to entiirely sure about that. … I love this guy.. . Speaking  of love, I want to skype my own ❤  I also ❤ Coll for helping me. 😀

Some pokemon news, I have been playing OR and sort of not playing the other games I own like Platinum, White 2 and even Y ffs.

It\s that addictive. 😛



I need more $$$ to get the Mac. So… roughly two checks? I got a Lenovo while I accrue the dough for a mac.  It’s brand new … just came off the factory line!! o_o Whoa. Normally a brandspanking new computer like that, it sells for $800 but Amir was a sweetie and gave me an excellent discount. 🙂

So, both me and my sister have Lenovos. Mine has a webcam though,

I get the computer tomorrow, 😀


Letter to a Patient from a Nurse:

Very touching.

Dear Patient,

You probably don’t remember me,but I was your nurse.  I took care of you when you had your baby, took care of your sick child, comforted you when you were in pain.  I worked extra shifts on holidays and weekends because you needed me.  I rejoiced when you got better.  Cried with you when you needed a friend and tried to help you find the answers.  I

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And we saw Willie!!!

Simply adorable kidlet.

Pouring My Art Out

a 1 a 1

Oh yeah… Willie… in a bear coat… and a new Christmas camera…

a 1 a 2

What could be better than that?

a 1 a 3

I can’t even remember if I took these or Mollie did…

a 1 a 4

But the thing about a real camera is that you just want to keep snapping pictures like a freakin’ paparazzi…

a 1 a 5

And it is easy to get carried away…

a 1 a 6And besides that…

a 1 a 7It’s Willie…

a 1 a 8In a bear coat…

a 1 a 9Wait… is it just me, or does that kid have fangs??? Team Willie!!!

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I am going against the grain

You see, I’ve always been a Windows gal.. (I made a I love Bill Gates page back in the 90’s … yes you may laugh… lol) but I am very curious about Macs. I can’t wait! XD This will be awesomesauce!!! I know a bit about the Mac so I’m charged up!

In Pokemon news, I might buy another eShop card. I severely want AS. As soon as I get it, I’m not playing OR again. I don’t like Groudon.