Unleashed !!

Funny stuff. šŸ˜€


Mushy cushy thatĀ“s a wussy
Too much sentimentality bores my mentality
Always with the sorrows
Makes me sometimes throw one hundred arrows
Sing me a sentimental song
For me that is a big ding dong

King Kong was strong, and loving
but not a constant, yawning or sorrows
with a sentimentality and so idealistically
of fucked up reality, com on, stop with negativity
when you see and grab that reality

Cry me a river once, twice, and even a couple dozen times
Makes me sometimes eat a dozen mines

I understand that mentality
but, prefer to hear it from long distance
because, at the end it will break you,your own mental fence
of last defense, IĀ“m a survivor, but sometimes tiredĀ of hearing peopleā€™s sniffles

Unleashed got me finally atĀ ease
at 5 a.m now making word peace

slit you
bite you
CREEP you!!


Stay Frosty gents and gentessses.

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