Weekend Wanderings: Exploring the Bay Between Seaford and Edithvale

Ahhhh.. nice!


Recently I’ve been asked to do a job for someone, they want some photos of the beach front along the edge of Port Phillip Bay.  The bay is the entrance to Melbourne, and many people live around it.  It is salt water, but you don’t get the waves like you get out on the unprotected beaches.  The area I have been asked to do is between Seaford and Mordiallic, an area I am not familiar with it all, well not the beach side.  So the other day I did my first scouting trip down there to see what I could find.


There are a few different piers along there. Some are older and made of wood, which are so much nicer.  We found one that was all concrete, and it just didn’t have an character. I still took photos of it and there are images in the gallery of it.

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