And we saw Willie!!!

Simply adorable kidlet.

Pouring My Art Out

a 1 a 1

Oh yeah… Willie… in a bear coat… and a new Christmas camera…

a 1 a 2

What could be better than that?

a 1 a 3

I can’t even remember if I took these or Mollie did…

a 1 a 4

But the thing about a real camera is that you just want to keep snapping pictures like a freakin’ paparazzi…

a 1 a 5

And it is easy to get carried away…

a 1 a 6And besides that…

a 1 a 7It’s Willie…

a 1 a 8In a bear coat…

a 1 a 9Wait… is it just me, or does that kid have fangs??? Team Willie!!!

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