Holy cats! WP is behaving!

That is perfect. Coll’s computer is the best. It’s not like mine. It hardly gives me the ol’ heave ho. On Tuesday Coll and quite possibly me are heading to PC Corner to look at computers….

I can smell dinner cooking — hamburgers and pasta salad. 😀 Why they are called hamburgers is beyond me.. they are made with beef not ham… so should it be beefburgers??? Hmmm…

Right now I have the  Sims2 base game on my sister’s laptop. I might install my eps (pets, bon voyage and univertsity) and a few d/ls from MTS, and GOS. I got my sim pregnant by Marisa Bendett (Yes, I use the TOLAD) I am tempted to hurry up the pregnancy lol. Maybe I will.. you never know until you know. 🙂 I just hope it’s not twins. No f*cking way…


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