Cold coffee and warm fuzzy socks…

I have to explain a few things — the first being my habit of getting some hot coffee and me totally forgetting to drink it until I realize it’s stone cold. I do that with other hot beverages too.. idk why though, I just forget…

Aaaand the fuzzy socks? I want to buy more. They are sooooo comfy.

I think I’ll wait for the caffeine to hit and then maybe I will sim.


4 thoughts on “Cold coffee and warm fuzzy socks…

  1. Ah man I’m the same way, what sucks is it’s always right next to me while I wait for it to cool slightly, and next thing I know penguins are swimming in it

    The only socks I wear are fuzzy socks. They’re what I live for (I’m wearing some right now, actually!)

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  2. Great, now I want some coffee. But, it’s so late that if I drink it now, I’ll never get to sleep! Welp, there’s only one thing to do. *Starts doing the epic HAM SAMMICH dance*


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