Seth Rogan and James Franco (Almost) Save the World

Funny stuff! 😀

She's A Maineiac


Setting: Seth Rogan’s apartment last week around 3 am.

Rogan [sitting on couch in underwear watching CNN]: Oh shit! OHSHITOHSHITOHSHITOHSHIT! Oh man! Oh holy crapballs! [inhales smoke] Oh god. Just hold it in, Seth, hold it in….. [exhales sharply, puts giant bong down on floor] This is nuts, this is crazy. I gotta call Franco.

[phone rings at James Franco’s place]

Franco [answers phone, two women asleep on either side of him]: Yeah?

Rogan: Dude! Turn on CNN!

Franco: Do what? Naw, man.

Rogan: JUST DO IT!

Franco [scratches head] : Huh? Do what, man?

Rogan: Turn….on…. [screams into phone] THE. F—-ING NEWS!

[silence for several minutes]

Franco: Oh shit.

Rogan: Yeah, “oh shit”. You got that right my friend. You got that right!  [laughs like an asthmatic stuttering donkey]

Franco: Well, what do we do? I mean, this can’t be good. Right?

Rogan: [shouts] No man! No it’s not!  I would think pissing off…

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