They won again!!!!

The Habs beat the Carolina Hurricanes! F*ck yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD That made my day. 🙂

I went to bloodwork today and I also saw the sz nurses too.Tomorrow I have a bone density test and the dentist also. Joy.

Ah well…


7 thoughts on “They won again!!!!

  1. Well if their name is hurricanes no wonder they won….

    Bone density test? Hope your doing good, have no idea what that is. And then dentist, they have to catch me dead if they want me to sit down at a dentist chair. I actually have come to the conclusion that they like torture. They enjoy sticking that thing in your mouth that goes “ZZZZZZING” and you feel it going in and in more and more into your teeth or teeth´s and the patient there making strange screwed up faces. They have to enjoy that, forget about CIA interrogations, this dentist are the real torture people. Might as well send them to Afghanistan to interrogate detainees. That is a good idea I just had, and when I become President of the world, it would the the first order of the day.

    Good luck tomorrow and Stay Frosty =stay calm cool collected


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