Today was uneventful.. peaceful even..

I recently went to a nice church lunch and they had sort of a freebie table in the back so I took a look at what they were giving away… so I took this cute stuffed cow I will have a picture in my photoblog. I named her Bessie. šŸ™‚
I had popcorn popped with olive oil. After the holidays, I intend to get an Alienware laptop but I have to save up big f*cking time bc they start at $1400 so… I have to calculate how much I need to save. This will try my patience bc I am a spender not a saver. Lets see… I will need 12 checks to get an Alienware. This will be sooo hard but I can do it. :S e(hopefully)
In Pokemon news I will probably only be able to afford (the sapphire remake, bc I want to be able to eat McDs at Walmart. I don’t want the Groudon (how the f*ck pronounce that any how??) bc we all know Kyogre is sexier than Groudon. Kyogre FTW baby!!

2 thoughts on “Today was uneventful.. peaceful even..

  1. Something tells me you’ll be finished with the game before I am. Because, I’ve been really lazy with it, and haven’t even passed the first gym yet. Yeah, I’m really taking my sweet time with this one. šŸ˜› BTW You pronounce Groudon like you’re going to say ground, but you leave off the “N” and end it with “Don”. Hope that helps. šŸ˜‰


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