Well, here I be, I woke up at 5 today, and I’m starting to feel it. Ah well, after aerobics class, I am going to rest. I need it.  I am going a bit stir-crazy being (temporarily) with out a 3DS XL in my hot little mitts. #gamerprobz

I was just thinking about Ben Affleck as Batman and how ugly his wife is. LOL Don’t ask where that came from. I just have weird ideas and whatnot. Speaking of Ben, his buddy Matt is having a birthday tomorrow.

My sister went swimming. =)


Rain or snow?

Well, it looks kinda like it could swing both ways. =)
I had chili for dinner. Yummy stuff. Unfortunately I get terrible gas with it. LOL Sorry … that was TMI.  Hehe..
In pokemon news I have no news, I’m getting a new limited edition NES themed 3DS XL. =D
I have a feeling that all the original 3DSes are going to be phased out and the XLes are the next thing in gaming.


Another selfie..

Yeah that’s me. I love the way my hair looks. I washed it earlier on today. =)

In other news, Coll has decided that gaming is not her cuppa, and so we are trading in a few things to Gamestop. I want this..

nes 3ds 620x743.

This is purely nostalgic on my part. I remember the NES. My spoiled rotten foster sister had one.

Looks like we are in for a storm. o_o

It looks really dark out.Good! I love the rain.Or maybe if I’m really lucky snow! =3 Alberta got snow. I just heard a plane flying by .. it sounded like it was flying low bc my laptop and the desk were shaking

I am going to do aerobics with Tena and we are going clothes shopping bc I for one, needs to buy pants that are at least a large. I need to buy winter boots. I need to get sweaters too.. socks, bras, the whole 9 yards.